Installing HostMon - Simple Host Monitor and Application Dashboard - on Linux 🌱

What is HostMon?

HostMon is a simple web-based host monitor and application dashboard. It can be used to monitor the real-time status of hosts and services running in your homelab environment. In addition to monitoring, HostMon has built-in Wake-On-LAN (WOL) capability, SSH client, real-time ping output and the ability to link to your existing Apache Guacamole installation to remotely control hosts from the within browser.

The HostMon application is written in javascript and uses a SQLite database backend. -

  1. Log into the Linux device
  2. Run the following commands in a terminal window
    # update software repositories
    sudo apt update
    # install available software updates
    sudo apt upgrade -y
    # install prerequisites
    sudo apt install git curl -y
    # add nodejs software repository
    curl -sL | sudo bash -
    # install nodejs
    sudo apt install nodejs -y
    # clone the hostmon git repository
    git clone ./hostmon
    # change directory to the source code
    cd hostmon
    # clean npm cache
    npm cache clean --force
    # install npm dependencies
    npm install
    # fix npm vulnerabilities
    npm audit fix
    # run hostmon
    node ./server.js
  3. Open a web browser and navigate to http://DNSorIP:3000
  4. Welcome to HostMon