Install ATVXperience v5 on Amlogic S905x Android TV Box 🌱

NOTE: As of the making of this video, atvXperience is a beta release

DISCLAIMER: This process will overwrite the current Android ROM on your TV box. I have tested these steps on my own devices, but I am not responsible if you damage or brick your device. Verify the ROM will work on your device before starting and make sure to backup any data you do not want to lose before proceeding.

  1. Download the atvXperience v5 Image Download
  2. Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool Download
  3. Extract the downloaded Amlogic USB Burning Tool
  4. Launch Amlogic USB Burning Tool
  5. If the user interface is not in English, select the second option in the Menu > English
  6. Select File > Import Image
  7. Browse to the downloaded atvXperience image and select it
  8. After the image is verified click the Start button
  9. Connect the TV box from the OTG port to the PC via USB cable
  10. Press the reset button (sometimes hidden inside the AV port)
  11. Wait for the ROM to copy over to the device
  12. Once the process completes (100%: Burning Successfully) click the Stop button
  13. Disconnect the TV box from the PC USB
  14. Connect the TV box to an HDMI display and power it on
  15. Enjoy a clean and fast Android TV experience on your Amlogic TV Box