VMware ESXi - Create Datastore from Windows Network Share via NFS 🌱

Installing NFS Server Role

  1. Launch Server Manager if it does not automatically load
    1. Click the Start button > Server Manager
  2. Click Manage > Add roles and features
  3. Click Next on the Before you begin screen
  4. Select Role-based or feature-based installation > Next
  5. Leave Select a server from the server pool selected and select the current server > Next
  6. Expand File and Storage Services > Expand File and iSCSI Services > Select Server for NFS
  7. A popup will appear with additional required roles and features, click the Add Features button
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Next on the Select features screen
  10. Click Install on the confirmation screen
  11. Leave the installation progress screen open until the install completes
  12. Once the installation has completed click Close

Creating the NFS Share

  1. In Server Manager, click File and Storage Services in the left navigation menu
  2. Select Shares in the left sub-navigation menu
  3. To the right of the Shares pane, click Tasks > New Share...
  4. Select NFS Share - Quick > Click Next
  5. Select Type a custom path... > Click the Browse button
  6. Navigate to the folder location to share > Click Select Folder > Click Next
  7. Enter a Share name > Click Next
  8. Under No server authentication, Check Enable unmapped user access > Select No server authentication (AUTH_SYS) > Select Enable unmapped user access > Click Next
  9. On the Share Permissions page click Add...
  10. Select Host > Enter the IP address or DNS name of the ESXi server > Set the Share permissions dropdown to Read / Write Click Add > Check the Allow root access box > Click Next
  11. On the Permissions page click Next
  12. Click Create > Click Close

Adding the NFS Share to VMware ESXi

  1. Log into the VMware ESXi web UI
  2. Select Storage from the left navigation menu > Click New datastore
  3. Select Mount NFS datastore > Click Next
  4. Enter the a name for the datastore > Enter the NFS server IP or DNS name, share name and select NFS 4 > Click Next
  5. Review the summary page > Click Finish