Moving a Proxmox VM to Another Host 🌱

Network Storage

  1. Create or navigate to an existing folder to share
  2. Right click on the folder > Properties > Sharing tab > Advanced Sharing...
  3. Click the Share this folder box
  4. Give the share a name (ie VMBackups)
  5. Click the Permissions button
  6. Remove the Everyone group
  7. Add users or groups to allow access to the share
  8. Click OK on all open dialog boxes
  9. Open a web browser and navigate to the ProxMox web UI
  10. Log in
  11. Select Datacenter from the left navigation menu
  12. Click Storage in the left navigation sub menu
  13. Click the Add button > CIFS
  14. Complete the Add CIFS form as follows

    ID: VMBackups
    Username: i12bretro
    Share: VMBackups
    Max Backups: 3
    Content: VZDump backup file

  15. Click the Add button
  16. That's it, ProxMox can now see the network share and it can be used for virtual machine backups

Creating a Backup

  1. Expand the node and select the the VM to move from the left navigation
  2. Select Backup from the left sub-navigation menu
  3. Click the Backup Now button at the top of the main content area
  4. Select the destination (VMBackups share in this example), compression and mode for the backup > Click Backup
  5. Wait for the backup process to complete

Importing the Backup

  1. Log into the target Proxmox host
  2. Add the CIFS share in the same way it was added to the source Proxmox node
  3. Expand the node and select the storage location where the backup was stored (the VMBackups share in this example)
  4. Select the backup > Click Restore towards the top of the page
  5. Set the target storage location and VM ID > Click Restore
  6. Wait for the restore process to complete
  7. Once complete, test the VM by starting it