Addendum - Running a MacOS Big Sur VM in ProxMox VE 🌱

This is an addendum to the tutorial on installing a MacOS Big Sur VM on Proxmox VE. The steps below will allow the VM to boot without having the OpenCore .iso mounted, as we'll be copying the EFI boot files onto the virtual hard disk.

Configuring Booting Without OpenCore Mounted

  1. Log into the MacOSBigSur VM
  2. Launch a web browser and download the KVM OpenCore EFI folder Download
  3. Start LaunchPad from the dock
  4. Search terminal > Click Terminal to launch it
  5. Run the following commands in the terminal window
    git clone
    cd MountEFI
    chmod +x MountEFI.command
  6. Enter the number that corresponds to the OS11 drive created during the installation > Press Enter
  7. Open a Finder window
  8. Navigate to the mounted EFI location
  9. If an existing EFI folder exists, rename the it to EFI.orig
  10. Copy the KVM OpenCoreEFI folder downloaded earlier to the mounted EFI partition
  11. Once the EFI folder is copied, shutdown the VM
  12. Click the MacOSBigSur VM > Select Hardware from the left sub-navigation menu
  13. Click the OpenCore Hard Disk to select it > Click Detach
  14. Click the detached OpenCore Hard Disk to select it again > Click Remove
  15. Right click the MacOSBigSur VM in the left navigation pane > Start
  16. Click console in the left sub-navigation menu to verify the VM still boots into Big Sur without the OpenCore disc image mounted