Install Windows 10 or 11 on Raspberry Pi Easily with WoR-flasher 🌱

Things You Will Need

Flashing Windows

  1. Log into a Linux device (this can be a Raspberry Pi or any other Debian based Linux device)
  2. Plug in the target USB flash drive
  3. Run the following commands in a terminal window
    # update software repositories
    sudo apt update
    # install git if not already installed
    sudo apt install git -y
    # clone the wor-flasher github repository
    git clone ./wor-flasher
    # run the wor-flasher GUI
  4. The WOR Flasher GUI should load
  5. Select a version of Windows and the target Raspberry Pi model > Click Next
  6. Select the language for the Windows installation > Click Next
  7. Select the target device to write Windows to > Click Next
    NOTE: Double check that you select the correct device as all data will be overwritten on it
  8. Review the overview screen
  9. If everything looks correct click Flash
  10. A new terminal window will run and Windows will be downloaded and flashed to the target device
  11. Once the flash completes, either safely remove the USB flash drive if flashing from a different device or shutdown the Raspberry Pi if running from the Pi directly

Booting Windows on the Raspberry Pi

  1. Remove all other bootable USB/MicroSD devices from the Raspberry Pi and insert the flashed Windows USB flash drive device
  2. Power on the Raspberry Pi
  3. The Windows Setup dialog should display
  4. Select the edition of Windows > Click Install
  5. Windows Setup will complete and reboot when completed
  6. After booting back up answer the sysprep questions
  7. Welcome to Windows 10 or 11 running on Raspberry Pi