Running a Windows 11 VM in ProxMox VE 🌱

  1. Log into the ProxMox web UI
  2. Select a storage from the left navigation pane to download the .iso to
  3. Select ISO Images in the left sub-navigation pane
  4. If running ProxMox 6, download the Windows 11 iso Download and upload it to the ProxMox ISO image library
  5. If on ProxMox 7, click Download from URL and paste the download URL from above > Click Query URL > Click Download
  6. Right click the ProxMox node name > Create VM
  7. Type Windows11 in the name field > Next
  8. Set the Type to Microsoft Windows and select the Windows 11 iso
  9. Leave the defaults on the System tab > Next
  10. On the Hard Disk tab, set the Disk size to 32 > Next
  11. On the CPU tab, set Cores to 2 > Next
  12. On the Memory tab, set the Memory to 4096 > Next
  13. Leave the defaults on the Network tab > Next
  14. Verify the summary and click Finish
  15. Right click the Windows11 VM in the left navigation pane > Start
  16. Click console in the left sub-navigation menu
  17. Click Next
  18. Click Install Now
  19. Click I don't have a product key
  20. Select the edition you'd like to install
  21. Check the I accept box > Click Next
  22. Click Custom (advanced) > Click Next
  23. Select the drive to install to > Click Next
  24. Wait for Windows to copy files, the VM will reboot
  25. Select a Region > Click Yes
  26. Select a Keyboard layout > Click Yes
  27. Click Skip
  28. Enter a name for the VM > Click Next
  29. Select Set up for work or school > Click Next
  30. Click Sign-in options
  31. Click Join domain instead
  32. Enter a username > Click Next
  33. Enter a password > Click Next
  34. Re-type the password > Click Next
  35. Select and answer 3 security questions
  36. Uncheck everything > Click Accept
  37. Wait while updates are downloaded and installed
  38. Welcome to Windows 11