Fixing a Soft-Bricked Ouya Console 🌱

Things You Will Need

The Process

  1. Download the last official OTA update for the Ouya Download
  2. Copy the downloaded .zip file to the USB flash drive
  3. Connect the flash drive and keyboard to the USB hub
  4. Connect the USB hub to the Ouya
  5. Connect power to the Ouya
  6. Press and hold ALT + PRTSC on the keyboard
  7. Every 2 seconds or so, press the i key and hold for about 2 seconds and then release
  8. Continue pressing and releasing the i key for 2 seconds at a time until the Ouya reboots
  9. Once the Ouya reboots, press the Home key to reveal the recovery menu options
  10. Select Apply update from USB > Press Enter
  11. Navigate to the file > Press Enter
  12. Once the update has completed, select Wipe data/factory reset > Press Enter
  13. Select Yes to confirm wiping all user data
  14. Select Wipe cache partition
  15. Select Reboot system now
  16. At this point the Ouya should reboot and load the latest stock release