Install OpenWRT on Amlogic Android TV Box S912 S922 S905x S905x2 S905x3 🌱

Things You Will Need

Download and Flash OpenWRT

  1. Download OpenWRT for Amlogic S9xxx Download
    • Download the image that corresponds to the Amlogic chip in your device
  2. Download Balena Etcher Download
  3. Run Balena Etcher
  4. Burn the OpenWRT image to microSD card

Configure MicroSD Card for OpenWRT

  1. Open the readable partition of the microSD card in Explorer
  2. Edit uEnv.txt in a text editor
  3. Update the FDT line to point to the correct .dtb file for your device


  4. Save the changes to uEnv.txt and close the text editor
  5. Safely remove the microSD card
  6. Insert microSD card to Android TV box

Booting OpenWRT

  1. With an unfolded paperclip, press the reset button (sometimes hidden inside the 3.5mm AV port)
  2. While holding the reset button, plug the power adapter into the Android TV box
  3. The box should boot into the OpenWRT Linux terminal
  4. Wait for the text to stop scrolling and press Enter
  5. Run the following command to set a static LAN IP address, change the IP address to something on your LAN's subnet:
    uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
    service network restart
  6. Open a web browser and navigate to
  7. At the login screen, enter the username root and password password > Click the Login button
  8. Select System > Administration from the menu
  9. Under the Router Password heading, enter a new password and repeat it to confirm
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save & Apply button
  11. Enjoy OpenWRT running on a cheap Amlogic TV box