Convert Armbian to DietPi - Lightweight Debian OS for SBC 🌱

NOTE: The DietPi script only works on Debian builds of Armbian. Running it on Ubuntu based builds will exit with an unsupported distribution error. It is recommended to perform this process on a fresh installation of Armbian.

What is DietPi?

DietPi is extremely lightweight at its core, with features of low process/memory footprint and DietPi-RAMlog installed by default, to get the maximum performance from your device. -

  1. Log into the Armbian device
  2. Run the following commands in a terminal window
    # update software repositories
    sudo apt update
    # install prerequisites
    sudo apt install -y systemd-sysv ca-certificates sudo wget locales
    # download the dietpi script
    wget -O
    # make the script executable
    chmod +x ./
    # execute the script
    sudo ./
  3. Select master > Press Enter
  4. Enter a name > Press Enter
  5. Type Debian > Press Enter
  6. Scroll down and select Generic Device > Press Enter
  7. Select I require Wifi functionality > Press Enter
  8. Select the Debian distribution in use > Press Enter
  9. Welcome to a stripped down and lightweight Armbian