Run Windows 10 from USB Flash Drive with WinToUSB 🌱


Installing Windows 10 on USB

  1. Plug in the USB flash drive, 32GB or larger
  2. Download/Create Windows 10 installation media .iso
  3. Download WinToUSB Download
  4. Install WinToUSB
  5. Launch WinToUSB
  6. Click the disc image icon in the left navigation menu
  7. Click the folder icon next to the Image File field > Browse to and select the Windows 10 .iso file
  8. WinToUSB will display a list of available Windows 10 versions found on the .iso
  9. Select the version of Windows 10 to install on the USB flash drive > Click Next
  10. Click the Destination Disk dropdown > Select the USB flash drive to install Windows on > Click Next
  11. Select MBR for BIOS and UEFI and click Yes
    NOTE: The USB flash drive will be formatted, all data on the drive will be lost
  12. Select/Confirm the boot and system partitions > Click Next
  13. Wait for WinToUSB to complete installing Windows on the USB flash drive
  14. Once the installation completes, shutdown the host computer
  15. Power on the host computer, this time choosing to boot to the USB flash drive
    The steps required to do this will vary based on motherboard, typically pressing F2, F12, DEL or ESC during boot will bring up a menu to set the boot device
  16. Welcome to Windows 10 running from a USB flash drive