Install Armbian Onto Android TV Box eMMC Internal Storage 🌱

NOTE: This will overwrite the Android ROM on the eMMC flash and attempt to install Armbian. Before beginning, make sure you have a backup of the stock Android ROM in the event the installation fails or you want to revert back to Android in the future. Proceed at your own risk.

  1. Boot into Armbian using the microSD method
  2. Run the following commands in a terminal window
    sudo su
    cd /root/
  3. Find the install- .sh file for the chipset hardware

    aw = allwinner
    aml = amlogic
    rk = rockchip

  4. Run the install script
    sudo ./
  5. Once the Armbian OS finishes copying to the eMMC, shutdown Armbian
  6. Unplug power from the TV box
  7. Remove the SD/microSD card from the system
  8. Power the TV box back on to boot from the eMMC storage
  9. If everything worked as expected, Armbian should boot from the internal eMMC storage and no longer require the SD/microSD card