Flashing DD-WRT to Real Hardware Router (ASUS RT-AC56U) 🌱

DISCLAIMER: This process will overwrite the current stock ROM on your router. I have tested these steps on my own devices, but I am not responsible if you damage or brick your device. Verify DD-WRT will work on your router model before starting.

Flashing DD-WRT

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://dd-wrt.com
  2. Click the Router Database link
  3. Search for the model number of the router
  4. Download the DD-WRT Factory flash file
  5. Factory reset the router, this will differ based on the make and model. Reference the user manual or manufacturer's website
  6. Connect to the router's default wireless SSID

    The default SSID(s), IP address, username and password information is usually stamped on the router chassis

  7. In the web browser navigate to the router's default IP address, usually
  8. Login with the credentials found on the router (or search online for the make/model default login credentials)
  9. Navigate the web UI to apply a firmware update
  10. Browse to the downloaded DD-WRT Factory flash file from earlier
  11. Wait for the flash to complete
  12. Connect to the DD-WRT SSID now being broadcast from the router
  13. Back in the browser, navigate to
  14. Setup the admin user name and password

Configuring DD-WRT (Bare minimum)

  1. In the DD-WRT web UI, select Wireless from the top navigation menu
  2. Change the SSID to something unique > Click the Save button at the bottom
  3. Click Wireless Security from the top sub-navigation menu
  4. Set a secure password for the SSID(s) listed
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom
  6. Click the Apply Settings button at the bottom
  7. Connect to the new SSID now being broadcast from the router