Self-hosted Wikipedia Style Wiki with MediaWiki on Windows 🌱

  1. Download XAMPP Download
  2. Download MediaWiki Download
  3. Download the Vector skin Download
  4. Install Microsoft Visual C++
  5. Right click the downloaded XAMPP .zip file > Extract All...
  6. Right click the downloaded MediaWiki .zip file > Extract All...
  7. Rename the extracted folder wiki
  8. Extract the Vector skin inside XAMPP/htdocs/wiki/skins
  9. Cut the wiki folder inside the XAMPP/htdocs directory
  10. Copy the extracted XAMPP directory to a safe location to run from, C:\Program Files for example
  11. Run XAMPP/setup_xampp.bat to update the configuration files with the new server location
  12. Install Composer
  13. Navigate to the XAMPP/htdocs/wiki folder > Right click in the white space > Open PowerShell window here...
  14. Run the following command to download dependencies
    composer i --ignore-platform-reqs
  15. Navigate to XAMPP/php and edit php.ini
  16. Find the following lines and remove the ; to uncomment them


  17. Run XAMPP/xampp-control.exe
  18. Click the Start button next to Apache and MySQL
  19. Navigate to XAMPP/mysql/bin
  20. Hold the SHIFT key and right click in the white space > Open PowerShell window here...
  21. Type the following in the PowerShell window to setup the mediawiki database
    .\mysql -u root
    GRANT ALL ON wikidb.* TO 'wikiuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'WikiW1k1Wh@t!!';
  22. Open a web browser and navigate to http://DNSorIP/wiki
  23. Click the set up the wiki first link
  24. Select a language > Click Continue
  25. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue
  26. Enter the database host, name, username and password > Click Continue

    Host: localhost
    Name: wikidb
    Username: wikiuser
    Password: WikiW1k1Wh@t!!

  27. Leave Use the same account as for installation checked and click Continue
  28. Give the Wiki a name and create an administrator username and password
  29. Uncheck the Share data about this installation with MediaWiki developers box
  30. Check the I'm bored already, just install the wiki box
  31. Click Continue and the Continue again to begin the installation
  32. After the installation completes click Continue
  33. Download the generated LocalSettings.php to the XAMPP/htdocs/wiki directory
  34. Once LocalSettings.php is in place open it in a text editor and add the following line to the bottom of the file to enable the Vector skin


  35. Back in the browser click the enter your wiki link
  36. Click the Log In link at the top right
  37. Log in with the administrator account created during the installation
  38. Welcome to WikiMedia