Create Locally Hosted Bookmark Sync with Nextcloud and Floccus 🌱

Setting Up Nextcloud

  1. Log into Nextcloud
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Click Apps
  3. Press CTRL + F and search bookmark
  4. Find the Bookmarks app and click the Download and Enable button

Setting Up Floccus

  1. In Firefox or a Chromium based browser, install the Floccus add-on or extension
  2. In Brave Browser, open a new tab and navigate to
  3. Search for Floccus
  4. Click on floccus bookmarks sync
  5. Click the Add to Brave button > Click Add Extension to confirm
  6. Click the hamburger menu > Extensions
  7. Find floccus bookmarks sync and click the Details button
  8. Scroll down and click Extension options
  9. Click the New Account button
  10. Select Nextcloud Bookmarks > Click the Add Account button
  11. Enter the Nextcloud URL, username and password
  12. Expand the Folder mapping section
  13. Under Local folder, click the folder icon to browse the current browser's bookmark locations
  14. Select Bookmarks > Click the Save button
  15. Click the Save button
  16. Add a bookmark in the browser to test the sync
  17. Click the Extensions button > floccus bookmarks sync
  18. Click the Sync Now button
  19. The test bookmark should sync to Nextcloud
  20. After the initial sync, floccus will automatically sync bi-directionally every 15 minutes by default. This interval can be configured in the extension options