Backing Up DD-WRT Settings Using Cyotek WebCopy 🌱

  1. Download Cyotek WebCopy Download
  2. Install Cyotek WebCopy
  3. Launch Cyotek WebCopy
  4. Create a directory to store your DD-WRT backup
  5. Set the Save folder field to the folder created above
  6. Enter the http://DD-WRT IP in the Website field
  7. Click the Forms & Passwords... button
  8. Enter the following into the form
    URL: /
    User Name: your DD-WRT user name
    Password: your DD-WRT password
  9. Click Apply and then OK
  10. Click the Scan button
  11. Set the Maximum depth value to 5
  12. Set the Maximum pages per host value to 500
  13. Click Scan
  14. Right click on the second level of the DD-WRT URL (should just be the IP address) in the site visualizer and deselect Exclude
  15. Click Scan again
  16. Wait for the scan process to complete
  17. Review the pages found
  18. Click the OK button
  19. Click the Copy button to backup your DD-WRT settings
  20. Click the folder explorer icon across from the save folder field to browse the site created by WebCopy