Setting up LDAP Authentication for NextCloud 🌱

  1. Log into the Linux device
  2. Run the following commands in terminal to install the PHP LDAP module
    # update software repositories
    sudo apt update
    # install php-ldap module
    sudo apt install php-ldap
    # restart apache httpd service
    sudo systemctl restart apache2
  3. Launch a web browser and navigate to http://DNSorIP/nextcloud
  4. Log into NextCloud with an administrative account
  5. Click the settings gear menu > Apps in the top right corner
  6. Press CTRL+F and search for LDAP
  7. Click the LDAP user and group backend app
  8. Install/Enable the LDAP user and group backend app
  9. Select settings gear menu > Settings from the menu in the upper right hand corner
  10. Under Administration, Select LDAP / AD Integration in the left navigation menu
  11. Fill out the LDAP server form as follows:
    Host: ldap://i12bretro.local
    Port: 389
    User DN: CN=readonly_svc,CN=Users,DC=i12bretro,DC=local
    Password: Read0nly!!
    Base DN: CN=users,DC=i12bretro,DC=local
  12. Click the Test Base DN button
  13. Click the Continue button
  14. Click the Continue button
  15. Check the LDAP / AD Email Address box and click the Continue button
  16. Select Username > Logout from the menu in the upper right hand corner
  17. Log into NextCloud using LDAP user credentials