Install phpSysInfo on Windows 🌱

  1. Download XAMPP Download
  2. Download phpSysInfo Download
  3. Install Microsoft Visual C++
  4. Right click the downloaded XAMPP file > 7-Zip > Extract here...
  5. Right click the downloaded phpSysInfo file > 7-Zip > Extract here...
  6. Rename the extracted folder phpsysinfo
  7. Make a copy of phpsysinfo/ and name it phpsysinfo.ini
  8. Cut the phpsysinfo folder inside the XAMPP/htdocs directory
  9. Copy the extracted XAMPP directory to a safe location to run from, C:\Program Files for example
  10. Run XAMPP/setup_xampp.bat to update the configuration files with the new server location
  11. Navigate to XAMPP/php/ and edit php.ini in a text editor
  12. Search for extension=
  13. Add the following line below one of the existing extensions


  14. Save the php.ini file
  15. Navigate to /XAMPP and run xampp-control.exe
  16. Click the Start button next to Apache
  17. Open a web browser and navigate to http://DNSorIP/phpsysinfo