Running an Android x86 9 (Pie) VM in Virtualbox 🌱

  1. Download Android x86 9 Pie Download
  2. Launch Virtualbox
  3. Create a New VM by selecting Machine > New

    Name: Android x86 9 Pie
    Machine Folder: C:\VMs
    Type: Linux
    Version: Other Linux (64-bit)
    Memory Size: 2048 MB
    Hard disk: Create a virtual hard disk now

  4. Click Create
  5. On the Create Virtual Hard Disk dialog

    Name the virtual disk image Android x86 9 Pie.vdi
    File size: 16 GB
    Hard disk file type: VDI
    Storage on physical hard disk: Dynamically Allocated

  6. Click Create
  7. Select the VM and Click Settings
  8. Select System > Processor
  9. Give the VM at least 2 processors
  10. Select the Acceleration tab
  11. Change the Paravirtualization Interface to KVM
  12. Select Display
  13. Slide the Video Memory to 128 MB
  14. Set the Graphics Controller option to VBoxSVGA
  15. Select Network
  16. Set the attached to dropdown to Bridged Adapter
  17. Select Storage
  18. Click on the CD-ROM drive
  19. Select the disc dropdown to the right > Choose a virtual optical disc file...
  20. Browse to and select the downloaded Android x86 .iso file
  21. Click OK
  22. Make sure the Android x86 9 Pie VM is selected and click Start > Normal
  23. At the Android x86 Live & Installation CD screen select Advanced Options... > Press Enter
  24. Select the Auto Installation option > Press Enter
  25. Select Yes to confirm > Press Enter
  26. At the Congratulations dialog, make sure Run Android x86 is selected and press Enter
  27. Complete the Android setup
  28. Welcome to Android 9 Pie