Configure OpenFire XMPP Chat LDAP Authentication 🌱

  1. Stop the OpenFire service
  2. Open Windows explorer and navigate to the OpenFire installation directory /conf and edit openfire.xml with a text editor
  3. Toward the bottom of the file, change the setup value from true to false
  4. Save the file
  5. Start the OpenFire service
  6. Open a web browser and navigate to http://DNSorIP:9090
  7. The OpenFire setup should initialize with previously configured values loaded
  8. On the Profile Settings page, select the Directory Server (LDAP) option and click Continue
  9. Complete the Connection Settings form as follows:

    Server Type: Active Directory
    Server Details: ldap://i12bretro.local
    Base DN: CN=Users,DC=i12bretro,DC=local
    Administration DN: CN=Read Only,CN=Users,DC=i12bretro,DC=local
    Password: Read0nly!!

  10. Click the Test Settings button
  11. Click the Save & Continue button
  12. Click the Test Settings button
  13. A randomly selected user's information should be displayed
  14. Click the Save & Continue button
  15. Click the Save & Continue button
  16. Enter a LDAP user name to use as an OpenFire administrator > Click Add
  17. Click Continue
  18. Click the Login to the admin console button
  19. Login with the LDAP username and password configured as an OpenFire admin
  20. Click the Users/Groups tab in the top navigation
  21. OpenFire should display all users matching the users found in the configured base DN