Web Based Subversion Repository Browsing with WebSVN 🌱


Installing WebSVN

From the project's GitHub:
WebSVN offers a view onto your Subversion repositories that's been designed to reflect the Subversion methodology. You can view the log of any file or directory and see a list of all the files changed, added or deleted in any given revision. You can also view the differences between two versions of a file so as to see exactly what was changed in a particular revision.

  1. Download WebSVN Download
  2. Extract the WebSVN files
  3. Rename the extracted folder WebSVN
  4. Copy the entire extracted folder to Apache install directory/htdocs
  5. Make a copy of the include/distconfig.php and name it config.php
  6. Edit config.php in a text editor
  7. Find $config->parentPath and set the value to the parent path of the Subversion repositories (ie G:\\SVN)
  8. Save the file
  9. Open a web browser and navigate to http(s)://DNSorIP/WebSVN
  10. Enjoy a web based view into your Subversion repositories

If you receive errors about svn.exe or other svn commands failing, make sure the Subversion /bin directory is in the system path and that the user running the web server process has read access to the Subversion parent path specified in config.php