Install iRedMail Email Server on Debian/Ubuntu 🌱

  1. Log into the Debian/Ubuntu device
  2. Run the following commands in terminal to install and configure iRedMail
    # set/verify the hostname
    sudo hostnamectl set-hostname nettools.i12bretro.local
    # update software repositories
    sudo apt update
    # install available software updates
    sudo apt upgrade
    # install prerequisites
    sudo apt install gzip
    # download iRedMail install scripts
    # extract the archive
    sudo tar zxf ./1.3.2.tar.gz
    cd ./iRedMail*
    # make the install script executable
    sudo chmod +x ./
    # run the install script
    sudo ./
  3. At the Welcome to iRedMail screen, select Yes > Press Enter
  4. Enter the default /var/vmail/ for the location to store mailboxes > Press Enter
  5. On the Backend selection screen, arrow down to MySQL > Press spacebar to select it > Press Enter
  6. Enter the email domain name to be used > Press Enter
  7. Enter a password for the mail administrator > Press Enter
  8. Arrow down and select the optional components to install by press spacebar > Pres Enter
  9. Review the installation summary > Type Y to accept > Press Enter
  10. Wait for the installation to complete
  11. Once completed, the optional software will be available at the following URLs

    Roundcube webmail: https://DNSorIP/mail/
    SOGo Groupware: https://DNSorIP/SOGo
    Web admin panel (iRedAdmin): https://DNSorIP/iredadmin/