Advanced Setup of hMailServer E-Mail Server Active Directory Authentication 🌱

  1. Launch hMailServer Administrator
  2. Select localhost > Click Connect > Login with the administrative password
  3. Expand Domains > domain.local > Accounts
  4. Select the account to be authenticated against active directory
  5. Select the Active Directory tab
  6. Check the Active Directory account box
  7. Input the Domain and User name to associate the inbox with
  8. Click Save

Setting Up SSL in the Client

  1. Launch Thunderbird
  2. Select Tools > Options
  3. Select Security and then the Passwords tab > Saved Passwords...
  4. Click the Show Passwords button
  5. Right click each of the effected entries > Change Password > Input the user's active directory password
  6. Close Options

Testing Receiving E-Mails

  1. In hMailServer Administrator, Expand Utilities > Server sendout
  2. Select Specific domain and select the domain created earlier from the dropdown
  3. Fill out the form to send a test e-mail > Click Send
  4. Back in Thunderbird, click the Get Messages button
  5. The test email should arrive in the inbox