Install a Desktop Environment on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 🌱

  1. Download VcXsrv Download
  2. Install VcXsrv
  3. Launch WSL environment
  4. Run the following commands in the WSL terminal to install the lightweight LXDE desktop environment
    sudo apt-get install lxde
    export DISPLAY=:0
  5. Run VcXsrv
  6. Select how to display the Linux environment (Windowed, Full Screen, etc)
  7. Select No Client
  8. Click Next to accept the default values
  9. Click the Save Configuration button and save the .xlaunch configuration file
  10. Click Finish
  11. Back in the WSL terminal run the following command to launch the LXDE desktop environment
  12. Enjoy your Linux desktop environment running natively on Windows