Install OpenWRT in VirtualBox VM 🌱

  1. Download OpenWRT x86 Image Download
  2. Extract the OpenWRT image
  3. Convert OpenWRT Image to VDI
    cd %programfiles%/Oracle/Virtualbox
    vboxmanage.exe convertdd "%userprofile%\downloads\openwrt-19.07.6-x86-64-combined-ext4.img" "%userprofile%\downloads\openwrt.vdi"
  4. Resize the VDI File
    vboxmanage.exe modifyhd --resize 512 "%userprofile%\downloads\openwrt.vdi"
  5. Launch Virtualbox
  6. Create a New VM by selecting Machine > New

    Name: OpenWRT
    Machine Folder: C:\VMs
    Type: Linux
    Version: 2.6 / 3.x / 4.x (64-bit)
    Memory Size: 128 MB
    Hard disk: Do not add a virtual hard disk

  7. Click Create
  8. Move the openwrt.vdi file from downloads into C:\VMs\OpenWRT
  9. Select the VM and Click Settings
  10. Select Storage
  11. Click Add Storage Attachment > Add Hard Disk > Choose existing disk
  12. Click Add and browse to C:\VMs\OpenWRT\openwrt.vdi
  13. Click OK
  14. Select Network
  15. Set Adapter 1 Attached to: Bridged
  16. Click the Adapter 2 tab
  17. Check the Enable Network Adapter box
  18. Set Adapter 2 Attached to: Bridged
  19. Click OK
  20. Make sure the OpenWRT VM is selected and click Start > Normal
  21. Wait for the text to stop scrolling and press Enter
  22. Run the following command to change/set the root password
  23. Type a new root password twice to set it
  24. Continue the configuration by running the following commands
    # set the lan ip address
    uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
    # restart network services
    service network restart
    # update openwrt packages
    opkg update
    # install the luci web ui
    opkg install luci
  25. Open a web browser and navigate to http://IPofVM, in the example
  26. At the login screen, enter the username root and the password set above > Click the Login button
  27. Enjoy OpenWRT running in VirtualBox

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