FTP Files to Sony Playstation 2 Console 🌱

A quick note, you cannot copy games directly to the PS2 console via FTP. It is helpful for moving around artwork, configuration files and homebrew applications

Things You Will Need

Setting Up and Starting the PS2 FTP Server

  1. Connect the PS2 console to your network
  2. Make sure the memory card with Free McBoot is inserted
  3. Power on the PS2 and wait for Free McBoot to load
  4. Start the uLaunchElf application
  5. Press Select > Network Settings > press O
  6. Using the D-pad, set the IP address, netmask and gateway
    • Tip: If you don't want your PS2 to reach the internet input a bogus gateway IP address
  7. Navigate down to Save > press O to save your changes
  8. Navigate down to OK > press O
  9. Highlight MISC/ > press O
  10. Highlight PS2Net > press O
  11. The FTP server should start running and give status output at the top of the screen

Copying Files to the Playstation 2 Console

  1. On a PC, open Windows Explorer
  2. In the location bar type ftp://PS2IPAddress
  3. Once connected to the PS2 FTP server you will see some folders listed
    hdd: this is the internal hard drive inside the PS2
    mass: this is the USB flash drive if one is plugged into the PS2
    mc: this is the memory card currently inserted in the PS2
    pfs: this is the playstation file system which is alos the internal hard drive inside the PS2

Additional Notes

Additional reading: https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=315