Running scrcpy to Remote Control Android Device 🌱

What is scrcpy?

scrcpy allows you to display and remotely control your Android device similar to a VNC connection, but does so over ADB.

Note, the scrcpy program requires a device running Android 5 or higher

  1. Navigate to the scrcpy github and download the latest version for your platform Download
  2. Extract or install the downloaded scrcpy program
  3. Verify you have ADB (Sometimes labeled USB debugging) enabled on the Android device you want to remote control
    1. You may need to enable Developer options to enable ADB/USB debugging
    2. Go to Settings > About
    3. Click on the Build number 7 times, you will start to see a countdown
    4. Once Developer options are enabled, Go to Settings > Developer options and check the box next to USB debugging
  4. Connect the Android device to the host computer
  5. Launch the scrcpy program
  6. Remote control your Android device