Running a Windows XP VM in Virtualbox 🌱

  1. Locate a Microsoft Windows XP iso
  2. Launch Virtualbox
  3. Create a New VM by selecting Machine > New

    Name: Windows XP
    Machine Folder: C:\VMs
    Type: Microsoft Windows
    Version: Windows XP (32-bit)
    Memory Size: 1024 MB
    Hard disk: Create a virtual hard disk now

  4. Click Create
  5. On the Create Virtual Hard Disk dialog

    Name the virtual disk image Windows XP.vdi
    File size: 10.00 GB
    Hard disk file type: VDI
    Storage on physical hard disk: Dynamically Allocated

  6. Click Create
  7. Select the VM and Click Settings
  8. Select Storage
  9. Click on the CD-ROM drive
  10. Select the disc dropdown to the right > Choose a virtual optical disc file...
  11. Browse to and select the Windows XP .iso file
  12. Click OK
  13. Make sure the Windows XP VM is selected and click Start > Normal
  14. Windows Setup will start automatically
  15. Press Enter to Continue with Setup 
  16. Press F8 to Agree to the Licensing Agreement
  17. Press Enter to Install to the Unpartitioned space
  18. Select the top option to Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick) > Press Enter
  19. Wait for Windows to reboot the VM
  20. Do not press anything to boot the CD-ROM
  21. Wait for Windows to install and configure drivers and devices
  22. Click Next
  23. Enter a name and organization, click Next
  24. Enter a valid Windows XP product key (DG8FV-B9TKY-FRT9J-6CRCC-XPQ4G), click Next
  25. Give the Computer a name
  26. Set an administrator password and re-type to confirm > Click Next
  27. Set the date/time and select a timezone > Click Next
  28. Click the Next button to accept default and continue installing Windows XP
  29. Click OK to allow Windows to adjust the screen resolution
  30. Click OK if the screen resolution looks better
  31. Click Next at the Welcome Screen
  32. Select Not right now for automatic updates > Click Next
  33. Click Skip on the internet connection screen
  34. Select No, not at this time on the Register with Microsoft screen > Click Next
  35. Enter a user name > Click Next
  36. Click Finish
  37. Enjoy the boot up sound from the Gods
  38. Welcome back to Windows XP
  39. Revel in the nostalgia

Optional Steps

  1. Select Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image...
  2. If VirtualBox Guest Additions doesn't autorun, open My Computer > CD Drive > Double click VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86.exe
  3. Install Guest Additions accepting the defaults
  4. Accept any driver popups from the Guest Additions installer by clicking the Continue Anyway button
  5. After the installation completes select Reboot now > Click Finish
  6. Upon rebooting, you can now full screen the VM and the interal resolution will automatically change to match the window size
  7. Download i12bretro Windows SP.iso Download
  8. Select Devices > Optical Drives > Select disk image...
  9. Navigate to and select i12bretro_Windows_SP.iso
  10. If the VM doesn't autorun, open My Computer > CD Drive
  11. Open the Windows XP folder > Double click Windows XP SP3.exe
  12. Follow the dialogs to install Service Pack 3
  13. Click Finish to reboot and complete the SP3 install