Running a Windows 1 VM in Virtualbox 🌱

  1. Download MS-DOS 6.22 Download
  2. Download Microsoft Windows 1.04 Download
  3. Extract the MS-DOS and Windows 1.04 files
  4. Launch Virtualbox
  5. Create a New VM by selecting Machine > New

    Name: Microsoft Windows 1.04
    Machine Folder: C:\VMs
    Type: Microsoft Windows
    Version: Windows 3.1
    Memory Size: 4 MB
    Hard disk: Create a virtual hard disk now

  6. Click Create
  7. On the Create Virtual Hard Disk dialog

    Name the virtual disk image Microsoft Windows 1.04.vdi
    File size: 16 MB
    Hard disk file type: VDI
    Storage on physical hard disk: Dynamically Allocated

  8. Click Create
  9. Select the VM and Click Settings
  10. Select Storage
  11. Click on the floppy disk drive
  12. Select the disc dropdown to the right > Choose a virtual floppy disk file...
  13. Browse to the extracted MS-DOS 6.22 files and select Disk1.img
  14. Click OK
  15. Make sure the Windows 1.04 VM is selected and click Start > Normal
  16. Press Enter to start the installation and press Enter multiple times to accept the default values
  17. When prompted by the installer, go to the VM settings and swap out the MS-DOS disk images and press Enter to continue
  18. Once MS-DOS has been successfully installed, select Devices > Floppy Drives > Remove disk from virtual drive
  19. Press Enter in the VM to reboot
  20. Once MS-DOS has booted, select Devices > Floppy Drives > Choose disk image...
    Navigate to the extracted Windows 1.04 files and select Disk1.img
  21. Type the following command
  22. The Windows 1.04 installation process will start
  23. Press C to Continue
  24. Select 1 on the keyboard setup
  25. Select 7 on the pointing device setup
  26. Select 3 on the display setup
  27. When prompted by the installer, go to the VM settings and swap out the Window 1.04 disk images and press Enter to continue
  28. Press N when asked if you'd like to setup a printer/plotter
  29. After the installation completes, type the following command:
  30. Welcome to Windows 1.04
  31. Revel in the nostalgia