Web Based File Management with PHP and Tiny File Manager 🌱

Download and Setup Tiny File Manager

  1. Download Tiny File Manager Download
  2. Extract the Tiny File Manager files
  3. Copy TinyFileManager.php to Apache install directory/htdocs/filemanager
  4. Rename TinyFileManager.php to index.php
  5. Edit index.php in a text editor
  6. Find $use_auth and set the value to false
  7. Save
  8. Open a web browser and navigate to https://DNSorIP/filemanager

Customizing Root Location and Authentication

  1. Optionally, Edit Apache install directory/htdocs/filemanager/index.php
  2. Find $root_path and edit the value to limit the scope of the file manager
  3. Save index.php
  4. Navigate to the Apache install directory/conf in Explorer
  5. Edit httpd.conf in a text editor
  6. Find the authnz_ldap_module and make sure it is enabled by removing the # at the start of the line

    LoadModule authnz_ldap_module modules/mod_authnz_ldap.so

  7. Find the ldap_module and make sure it is enabled by removing the # at the start of the line

    LoadModule ldap_module modules/mod_ldap.so

  8. Create a Location block to enable LDAP authentication for the specified directory

    <location /filemanager>
    # Basic authentication with LDAP against MS AD
    AuthType Basic
    AuthBasicProvider ldap

    # AuthLDAPURL specifies the LDAP server IP, port, base DN, scope and filter
    # using this format: ldap://host:port/basedn?attribute?scope?filter
    AuthLDAPURL "ldap://i12bretro.local:389/DC=i12bretro,DC=local?sAMAccountName?sub?(objectClass=user)" NONE

    # The LDAP bind username and password
    AuthLDAPBindDN "readonly_svc@i12bretro.local"
    AuthLDAPBindPassword "Read0nly!!"
    LDAPReferrals Off
    AuthUserFile /dev/null

    AuthName "Restricted Area [i12bretro.local]"
    # to authenticate a domain group, specify the full DN
    AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN on
    require ldap-group CN=WebAuthAccess,CN=Users,DC=i12bretro,DC=local

  9. Save httpd.conf
  10. Restart the Apache service
  11. Refresh https://DNSorIP/filemanager