Installing Free Filezilla FTP Server with LDAP Authentication 🌱

Installing FileZilla Server

  1. Download FileZilla with LDAP support, FzLDAP Download
  2. Install the downloaded executable
  3. Launch FileZilla Server Administration
  4. Select Edit > Settings from the top navigation
  5. Click LDAP from the left navigation
  6. Check the Enable LDAP support box
  7. Fill out the LDAP server, port and domain name
  8. Click OK

Adding Individual LDAP Users

  1. Back in Server Administration click Edit > Users
  2. Click the Add button under Users
  3. Enter the username exactly as it is in LDAP
  4. Leave the Password checkbox unchecked
  5. Under the Check password in section uncheck LOCAL and check the LDAP option
  6. Click Shared folders under the Page section
  7. Click the Add button and browse to folder(s) to share with the new user
  8. Set the users permissions to the right of the directories box
  9. Click OK once finish with configuration.

Batch Importing LDAP Users

  1. From the Start menu launch FzLDAP Import
  2. Fill out the LDAP server information

    Server: i12bretro.local
    Port: 389
    Domain: i12bretro.local
    User: readonly_svc
    Password: Read0nly!!
    Base DN: DC=i12bretro,DC=local
    Search DN: CN=Users,DC=i12bretro,DC=local
    Search: cn=*

  3. A list of users found with the LDAP search will display > Click Next
  4. Set the FTP root directory path
  5. Click the Generate button
  6. A summary will be displayed > Click OK
  7. Click the ed button next to users.txt to view the generated users file
  8. Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla Server
  9. Edit FileZilla Server.xml in a text editor
  10. Copy the user(s) generated in users.txt to the Users node of FileZilla Server.xml
  11. Save the changes to FileZilla Server.xml
  12. Right click on the Start button > Run > type services.msc > Press Enter
  13. Find the FileZilla Server FTP server and restart the service
  14. Load FileZilla Server Administration
  15. Click Edit > Users from the top navigation
  16. The imported user(s) should be listed and editable

Testing LDAP Authentication

  1. Enter the FileZilla server DNS name or IP address in the host field
  2. Enter the LDAP credentials in the username and password fields
  3. Click the Quickconnect button