FTP Files to Sony Playstation 3 Console 🌱

Things You Will Need

Setting Up and Starting the PS3 FTP Server

  1. Connect the PS3 console to your network and power it on
  2. Go to Settings > System Settings > System Information and make note of the console's IP address
  3. On a PC, download FileZilla FTP Client Download
  4. Install FileZilla FTP Client
  5. Input the PS3 console IP address, leaving everything else blank/default > Click Quickconnect
  6. The internal hard drive of the PS3 is labeled dev_hdd0

    To copy PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PSP or PlayStation 3 games to the internal hard drive just copy the .iso file to the corresponding folder on dev_hdd0 (PlayStation 2 = PS2ISO, etc)

  7. WebMAN also includes a simple web UI for viewing the the games on the console
  8. Open a web browser and navigate to the PS3 console's IP address
  9. Click the Refresh XML button
  10. Click the Refresh HTML button