Burning Multimode 3 (MM3) Modchips for Playstation 🌱

Things You Will Need

Burning MM3 Modchips

  1. Download the MM3 Code and Required Software Download
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file (PW: i12bretro)
  3. Install the PL2303 PIC programmer driver
  4. Plug the USB PIC programmer into an open USB port on the PC
  5. Right click on the Start button > Device Manager
  6. Expand Ports (COM & LPT)
  7. Note the COM port number listed with the Prolific USB-to-Serial device
  8. Run the microbrn.exe file from the earlier download
  9. Select 12C508a from the Chip dropdown
  10. Insert a blank 12C508a PIC chip in the PIC programmer matching the orientation and location diagram shown on screen
  11. Select File > Programmer > K150
  12. Enter the COM port found in Device Manager earlier
  13. Wait for the microbrn software to find the PIC programmer and the status to say Ready
  14. Click the Read button
  15. A blank PIC chip should show all FFFFF....
  16. Click the Calib button > Copy the last two digits of the OSCAL value for later use

    NOTE: don't lose this value. Save it into Notepad or take a screenshot as you work on each chip

  17. Click the Load button
  18. Select No when asked to save the current Data file
  19. Browse to the extracted download from earlier
  20. Select the MM3 .hex file for the region of the console that is being modded: USA, Europe or Japan
  21. Click the Calib button again > Enter the two digits noted earlier to set the OSCAL value
  22. Click Yes to confirm the change
  23. Scroll to the bottom of the data output and confirm the OSCAL Value
  24. Click the Program button to write the data to the PIC chip
  25. Click Yes to confirm
  26. Once the data is written to the PIC chip click OK
  27. Click the Verify button to read the data from the chip and verify it against the MM3 data in the editor
  28. You have successfully burned a MM3 modchip and it's ready to be installed in an original PlayStation console