GoldenDict - Supported Dictionary Formats「辞书格式」🚩🌱

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Goldendict supports many dictionary formats. The main formats are listed below. The file extensions of the supported dictionary formats are given in the brackets.「如下所述,Goldendict支持很多辞书格式(文件扩展名)」

Offline Dictionary formats「离线辞书」

  1. Apple OSXs built-in Dictionary (.dictionary dirs)「Apple OSX内置辞书
  2. StarDict dictionaries (.ifo, .dict, .idx, and .syn files)「星际译王词库」
  3. Babylon dictionaries (.bgl files)「巴比伦词库」
  4. Dictd dictionaries (.index, .dict and files)「字典数据库文件」
  5. ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries (.dsl,, .lsd) - lsd support only in mobile version「Lingvo词库」
  6. Lingoes dictionaries (.ld2) - Only in the mobile version「灵格斯词库」
  7. XDXF dictionaries (.xdxf,「XDXF词库」
  8. AARD dictionaries (.aar)「AARD辞书」
  9. SDict dictionaries (.dct)「SDict词库」
  10. MDict dictionaries (.mdd and .mdx files)「MDict词库」
  11. Zim dictionaries (.zim files)「Zim辞书」
  12. EPWING dictionaries「EPWing词库」
  13. Slob dictionaries (.slob files)「Slob辞书」
  14. Babylon source files (.gls, files)「巴比伦词库源码文件」

Audio pronunciation dictionary formats「音频辞书」

  1. ABBYY Lingvo audio files (.lsa and .dat)「Lingvo辞书的音频文件」
  2. Arbitrary sets of sound files「音频文件集」
  3. Compressed sound packs (zips)「zip格式的音频文件压缩包」

Online Dictionaries「在线辞书/Web网站」

GoldenDict supports so many online dictionaries that it almost impossible to list them all here.「只要是提供了搜索功能的网站都可以在GoldenDict中使用」

A few of the examples are wikipedia, Oxford, Lingoes, Merriam Websters「如维基百科、牛津、灵格斯、韦伯斯特等网站」

If you are using an online dictionary most probably that will work with Goldendict.「您使用的在线词典,都是可以在Goldendict中使用的」